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Over a decade ago, when I was first asked to provide music for someone's wedding ceremony, I was not prepared to offer suggestions as to what music would work. Even now after having years of experience doing it, when asked for suggestions I still hesitate to suggest what would be "perfect." That's because just like every other part of your wedding planning, the music you'll include during your ceremony is a personal choice, and one that usually represents a compromise between what you want and what your fiance wants (or between what you both want and what you "think" you should be picking).


In order to share with you what I've learned about selecting music for your wedding ceremony I have put together the following worksheet. Along with the other information you'll need to book your wedding, I hand it over at our very first meeting (or if you book from afar, I'll mail it to you). It even comes with a CD which includes every song the worksheet references. Of course, I have A LOT more music to choose from for your ceremony; this is just a way to begin to learn what sound you are going for. You are also free to specify music choices from anywhere you like and are not limited to the music in my collection. Use this link to hear some samples of this and similar music and to learn more about selecting music for your ceremony.


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