The right equipment for the job

This is the typical set up for the 2023 wedding season. The lights pictured are included. The bandstand and totems are available in black and white. Other speaker options are available.


MusiChris DJ & Lighting Service owns all the equipment used to perform as your DJ. Every piece was purchased new, is top-quality professional-level, is meticulously cleaned and cared for, and housed in attractive, professional cases. But it takes more than owning great equipment to be a successful disc jockey. A highly experienced DJ expertly knows how to operate the equipment. Understanding and accurately judging the acoustics of a venue produces sound that is properly dispersed and of the clearest, highest quality possible. Most importantly, it is done consistently, and at an appropriate volume.


No two events are ever the same. No two venues are the same. Chris has loads of equipment to choose from, and uses exactly what's needed for your event to look and sound it's best.


Music inside and outside? No problem. Music in two far apart indoor spaces AND outside? Still no problem. Most DJs can't say that. Without breaking the bank, Chris builds packages that get the job done right. You've invited everyone you know. Offer them the high-quality entertainment they deserve.

5 speakers are used to cover this large ballroom at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, producing superbly dispersed sound of the utmost quality.

The Gear

Here's a partial listing of the sound equipment:


The speakers

  • 2 RCF EVOX J8 Column Array Speaker Systems
  • 4 Maui 5 Go Column Array Speaker Systems
  • 2 Electro-Voice EKX-12P active loudspeakers
  • 2 Electro-Voice EKX-18SP active subwoofers

The music players / controllers

  • 3 Denon MC6000 Midi Controllers
  • 4 Laptops loaded with Virtual DJ Pro

The Rest

  • 4 UHF wireless microphones for the primary system
  • 4 UHF wireless microphones on the secondary system
  • 4 UHF wireless microphones for the third system
  • 6 Wireless Handheld, 6 Lavalier, and 6 Headworn microphones (interchangeable on all systems)
  • All gear mounted in sleek, black, professional flight cases
  • Custom Bandstands/Facades in black or white (48" to 72"" wide, 42" tall)
  • All set ups come complete with tables and linens

Here's a partial listing of the lighting equipment:


  • 2 90 watt LED Moving Head Lights
  • 2 7x10 watt RGBW DMX L.E.D. Moving Head Wash Lights
  • 2 75-watt LED DMX color-changing framing spots 
  • 48 7x10 watt Quad LED (RGBW) Uplight Fixtures
  • 32 7x10 watt wireless, battery-powered Quad L.E.D. (RGBW) Uplight Fixtures
  • 30 Wireless warm-white, battery-powered, L.E.D. Pinspots for discreet centerpiece & cake showcasing
  • Lighting totems in black or white
  • Bistro String Lighting with G50 L.E.D. Bulbs
  • Warm-white fairy light style string lighting

Hearing is believing

To fully appreciate the difference you have to experience it for yourself. The systems I use are selected according to the type of event you are hosting and the size of your venue. You can be certain that the bass you'll feel will get people moving. The bass is the driving force of music. Whether it's rock, funk, motown, disco, R & B, you name it. It's what compels your guests to get out of their seats and onto the dance floor.

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