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Are you having music at your ceremony?


can assist you in many ways at your wedding ceremony. The costs are based on two things--the added equipement (almost always adds $179) and the added performance time (billed at $75 per half hour for time exceeding the number of hours included in your original contract). If your ceremony is held away from the reception site I can still help you, you'll simply pay a litte more for my time driving to your reception from your ceremony. But if it's occurring at the reception site, as is more common today than ever before, my services are top-notch, and most affordable.


If you are looking to have live music for your ceremony I have worked with string duos, trios, and quartets, harpists, classical guitarists, and pianists and can provide references. I can help you with providing power at your ceremony where there is none available. My power source is completely silent and perfect for a ceremony and the electricity is as clean (or cleaner) than that from a standard household or commercial electrical outlet.


The biggest impact I make to a ceremony isn't even the music I play but the microphones we'll use to hear what's being said. We've all been to weddings where no one hears the vows. Wait for the kiss, then clap. Give your loved ones a more memorable experience. They'll be more "in the moment" at your ceremony because of the specialized service I offer. I employ an array of top-quality, wireless microphones, and rely heavily on discreetly worn lavalier microphones--and I usually use 3 or 4 of them. Even if you arrange for live musicians for the music for your ceremony, microphones for your vows are of paramount importance.


Do you have help coordinating your ceremony?


You'll likely hold a ceremony rehearsal. Barring my ability to book an event to DJ on the day of your rehearsal, you can plan on me being there (I can often attend your rehearsal and still make my performance). This is especially helpful at venues like the Hillcrest Gazebo that do not assist you during your ceremony. Even at other venues that have a venue coordinator, many do not take on the role of wedding coordinator, and you're on your own (if you've booked your reception at a place like this I'll be sure and let you know). I've worked so many wedding ceremonies that I've seen them done every way possible from traditional to very nontraditional. I've got questionnaires designed specifically to learn about how you'd like yours to go. I'm especially useful if you're having your ceremony on a private property or are using a friend or relative to conduct your ceremony and it's their first time doing it (which is becoming very popular--and even if they've done it a few times I've done it MANY more times than that). If I end up booking an event on the day of your rehearsal we'll get together on another day and tour the grounds and firm up our plan.


Traditional or nontraditional?


Whether your ceremony is traditional or contemporary, I have lots of experience, and knowledge, to help you choose the music that's right for your ceremony.The music for a traditional wedding ceremony is made up of four parts.


  • Prelude: plays while guests are arriving and being seated (20-30 minutes)
  • Processional: plays when the wedding party comes down the aisle (usually 1 song), followed by the bride (to her own song)
  • Interlude:  any music that plays during the ceremony itself (optional)
  • Recessional: plays after the ceremony has ended, while people are leaving

Music for a nontraditional wedding ceremony is similarly organized, but can vary in any way.  Nontraditional ceremonies almost always exclude interludes.


Which music do we pick?


After you've decided how you'd like to include music in your ceremony, the hard part, for most, becomes choosing music. Ask any little kid what song plays when a bride comes down the aisle. Invariably, they hum Wagner's "Bridal Chorus." Most brides want something different.  Whether you're after classical or contemporary selections, Chris can help you make the choices that are right for you. Of course you are free to make your own decisions entirely, after all that's what this is about... you.


Remember, Chris is privy to the final selections made by other brides and grooms. And if you want he'll share with you all that he has discovered. While traditional choices abound, the nontraditional ones usually do a better job at reflecting individual style. Here are a few to inspire you...

An embedded music player is featured here, courtesy of Spotify. If you don't see it, please revisit this page from another device.

Some of the songs you can preview here are among 21 hand-selected by Chris as part of his Wedding Ceremony Music Worksheet and CD

"Chris did an amazing job at our wedding! It's great to have a professional and approachable DJ who understands your taste of music and the crowd's. He was able to adapt to a change in ceremony location last second due to weather changes without any problems. We would absolutely hire him again. Go Chris!"

Maura (Brennan) and Samuel McMullen
married August 5, 2017 at The Aqua Turf Club, Southington, CT
Played recorded prelude music, amplified a live pianist, and provided microphones for this ceremony at the Hillcrest Gazebo in Pittsfield.
A silent power source is available to provide music and microphones at ceremonies where there is no electricity available, such as this one at Naumkeag in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.
I even offer backdrops for your ceremony. Click the picture for more information.

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MusiChris DJ Service
DJ/MC Chris Plankey

Pittsfield, MA

Call: 413.442.9854


Email me your request to make an online payment and a link will be emailed to you promptly which you may pay securely online.

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