Lee Middle and High School's 2019 "Ancient Greece" Themed Prom

Lee Middle and High School held their 2019 prom at the Berkshire Hills Country Club. This venue features one of the largest banquet rooms in our area. It's massive overall size and staggering ceiling height lend to an open and airy feel. The addition of ivy and greenery made the space reminiscent of the famous gardens of Greece. The room also features large vertical columns, lending itself well to the vibe of ancient Greece.

Prom-goers were greeted by this impressive statue in the entrance lobby. The prom committee did well here too by including ivy and paper lanterns.
More statues were on display in the main room. These ones gaze adoringly at each other, proudly keeping the King and Queen's crowns warm until the time is right.
This venue is well-known for great food and service, and this evening was no exception as prom-goers enjoyed an excellent dinner prior to the dance party launching.
This was my first time with this school and they ate it up! I'm thrilled to be with them for their next prom too!

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