Q: What Kind of DJ is he?

A: Sometimes What You Are Is Best Defined by What You're Not

Does he scratch records? No. Does he sit in a chair all night with his head buried in his laptop? No. Does he treat us and our guests to a night full of custom remixes and impressive music mash-ups we've never heard of? No. Does he pass out crazy hats or inflatable instruments? No. Does he wear any crazy hats and take on comedic roles? No. Does he take breaks? No. Does he run around the room trying to persuade people to get out onto the dancefloor? No. Does he demonstrate line dances and encourage everyone to get up and do them? No. Does he talk a lot on the microphone and offer great factoids about his music, his company, or himself? No. Does he treat people to his witty sense of humor? Sometimes. (just checking if you're still with us) Does he hit play and walk away? No. Does he mingle, flirt, and chat with our guests all night? No. Does he drink? No. Does he advertise by displaying a sign or logo or handing out cards to everyone in the room? No.

Well what does he do?

Chris ensures the music for your event is one-of-a-kind, and that the next song is perfect for that moment. Chris offers seamless mixing. He focuses on smooth transitions between songs as much as possible to maintain strong energy on the dance floor. Chris stands behind his equipment while he operates it. He doesn't hide behind his equipment, or keep his head buried in it. He is approachable; you'll always be able to find him when you need him, and so can your guests and other vendors. He has an unobstructed view of everything going on, is attentive, and is constantly gauging your guests' level of enjoyment and reading the crowd. In this way, he always has his finger on the pulse of your party. Read on to learn how Chris got started in all of this.

"Chris made our wedding the amazing day that we dreamed of! He was fun, professional and extremely talented. We had 380 people at our wedding and Chris was able to make it a personal and intimate experience for all! We would recommend Chris Plankey every time someone asks!!!"


Heather (Smegal) and Kendell Thompson

married April 29, 2017 at Crowne Plaza Pittsfield/Berkshires

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