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There are certain advantages you'll enjoy if you have selected a venue for your event where I've worked before. Especially for formal events where every nuance of my performance shows more than ever, and for complex events like wedding receptions which typically use every corner of a room or venue, I can offer you a more polished performance if I have worked there before. That's because there's a lot that goes into doing the job right, and the first step is always a site survey.


DJs must know the "ins and outs" of a place to give you the performance you hope for. Especially in terms of acoustics, the job can best be done by someone who "knows the room." An extra speaker or two strategically placed in a larger venue or a uniquely (or otherwise awkwardly) shaped room means the difference between whether or not all guests can hear cocktail music, dinner music, and announcements at levels they can enjoy, and talk over.


A DJ who gets lost, or shows up at the wrong place is going to be no help to you. Asking your DJ where they have worked in the past may indicate how long they've been at it and by considering the kinds of places they list, just what kind of professional you're dealing with. Exluding private residences, here is a list of the venues where I've been hired to perform...



PV = my company is referred by the venue

view gallery = the venue has a gallery featured on my site 



250 LongPond, Great Barrington, MA


Adams Ale House, Adams, MA


Allium Restaurant and Bar, Great Barrington, MA


American Legion, Dalton, MA


American Legion, North Adams, MA


American Legion, Pittsfield, MA


Apple Tree Inn, Lenox, MA


Aqua Turf Club, Southington, CT


Bas Ridge Country Club, Hinsdale, MA


BarT Charter School, Adams, MA


Bascom Lodge, summit of Mt. Greylock, Adams, MA


Berkshire Community College, Pittsfield, MA


Berkshire Fishing Club, Becket, MA


PV Berkshire Hills Country Club, Pittsfield, MA view gallery


PV Berkshire Lake House, Lanesborough, MA view gallery


Berkshire Money Management, Dalton, MA

Berkshire School, Sheffield, MA


Birch Hill Catering, Castleton-on-Hudson, NY


PV Bloom Meadows, Hancock, MA view gallery


Butternut Ski Resort, Great Barrington, MA


Camp Becket, Becket, MA


Camp Romaca, Hinsdale, MA


Camp Russell, Richmond, MA


PV Camp Taconic, Hindsale, MA


Camp Wa Wa Segowea, Southfield, MA


PV Cheshire Rod & Gun Club, Cheshire, MA view gallery


Chimney Corners, Becket, MA


Colonel Williams Inn, Marlboro, VT


Cork 'N Hearth, Lee, MA


PV Country Club of Pittsfield, Pittsfield, MA view gallery


PV Cranwell Resort - Harvest Barn at Meadow View, Lenox, MA view gallery


PV Cranwell Resort - Sloane Ballroom, Lenox, MA view gallery


PV Crissey Farm, Great Barrington, MA view gallery


Crosby Elementary School, Pittsfield, MA


Crowne Plaza, ballroom, Pittsfield, MA view gallery


Crowne Plaza, top floor, Pittsfield, MA view gallery


Eagles Club, North Adams, MA


Eastover Hotel & Resort, Lenox, MA


Egremont Country Club, Great Barrington, MA


Egremont Elementary School, Pittsfield, MA


Eisner Camp URJ, Great Barrignton, MA


Elks Club, Pittsfield, MA


Garden House at Look Park, Northampton, MA


Gramercy Bistro, Mass MoCA, North Adams, MA


PV Greenock Country Club, Lee, MA


Hancock Shaker Village, Event Tent, Hancock, MA view gallery


Hancock Shaker Village, Historic Round Stone Barn, Hancock, MA view gallery


Herberg Middle School, Pittsfield, MA


Hillcrest Gazebo, BMC/ Hillcrest Campus, Pittsfield, MA


Holiday Inn, North Adams, MA


PV Holiday Inn & Suites, Pittsfield, MA view gallery


Hoosac Valley High School, Cheshire, MA


Hotel On North, Pittsfield, MA


Inn at Richmond, Richmond, MA


PV Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, Falls Village, CT


I.T.A.M. Lodge, Pittsfield, MA


Italian American Club, Pittsfield, MA


Jacob's Pillow, Becket, MA


PV Jiminy Peak, Crane Lodge, Hancock, MA view gallery


PV Jiminy Peak, Fisher Room, Hancock, MA view gallery


PV Jiminy Peak, JJ's Lodge, Hancock, MA view gallery


Kemble Inn, Lenox, MA


PV Lake House Guest Cottages, Lanesborough, MA view gallery


Laurel Ridge Camping Area, East Otis, MA


Lenox Club, Lenox, MA


Lenox Library, Lenox, MA


The Log Cabin, Holyoke, MA


PV Mass MoCA, Building 6, North Adams, MA view gallery


Mazzeo's Ristorante, Pittsfield, MA


Miraval - Wyndhurst Mansion, Lenox, MA


Miss Hall's School, Pittsfield, MA view prom gallery


Monument Mountain Regional High School, Great Barrington, MA


Naumkeag, Stockbridge, MA


Nessacus Middle School, Dalton, MA


New Lebanon Jr. / Sr. High School, New Lebanon, MA


Old Forge Restaurant, Lanesboro, MA


Onota Lake Pavilion, Burbank Park, Pittsfield, MA


Oyster Harbors Club, Osterville, MA


PV Pittsfield Country Club, Pittsfield, MA view gallery


Pittsfield High School, Pittsfield, MA view prom gallery


Polish Community Club, Pittsfield, MA


Polish Falcons Club, Pittsfield, MA


PV Proprietor's Lodge, Pittsfield, MA


Race Brook Lodge, Sheffield, MA 


Red Lion Inn, Cohasset, MA


PV Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge, MA


Santarella Gardens and Estate, Tyringham, MA


PV Seven Hills Inn, Lenox, MA view gallery


Sheffield Town Park, Sheffield, MA


Skyline Country Club, Lanesboro, MA


St. Agnes Academy, Dalton, MA


PV Stationery Factory, Dalton, MA view gallery


Stearns Elementary School, Pittsfield, MA


Stephentown Fire Hall, Stephentown, NY


PV Stockbridge Sportsmen's Club, Stockbridge, MA


Stockbridge Train Station, Stockbridge, MA


Stone Terrace by John Henry's, Hamilton, NJ


Stonover Farm, Lenox, MA


Stratton Mountain Resort, Stratton, VT


Sturbridge Host Hotel, Sturbridge, MA


Summit Hill Campground, Washington, MA


Taconic High School, Pittsfield, MA view prom gallery


PV Tanglewood - Tent Club Tent, Lenox, MA


The Bridge Restaurant, Sheffield, MA 


The-Wherehouse, Holyoke, MA


Tyringham Pavillion, Tyringham, MA


U-Mass Amherst, MA


PV Valley View Farm, Haydenville, MA


PV Ventford Hall, Lenox, MA


V.F.W., Canaan, CT


V.F.W., Dalton, MA


V.F.W., Great Barrington, MA


V.F.W., North Adams, MA


PV Wahconah Country Club, Dalton, MA


Wahconah Regional High School, Dalton, MA view prom gallery


Warfield House Inn, Charlemont, MA


Williams College, Williamstown, MA 


Williams Elementary School, Pittsfield, MA


PV Williams Inn, Williamstown, MA


Windsor Town Hall, Windsor, MA


Windsor Town Park, Windsor, MA


Wolf Oak Acres, Oneida, NY


Wyantenuck Country Club, Great Barrington, MA


PV Wyndhurst Mansion, Lenox, MA


YMCA Camp Becket Chimney Corners, Becket, MA


YMCA Camp Wa Wa Segowea, Southfield, MA


Zuchinni's Restaurant, Pittsfield, MA

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