Seven Hills Inn, Lenox, Mass.

As a DJ and master of ceremonies, I excel at private events held at The Seven Hills Inn not just because of the mounds of sound equipment it takes to make it all happen, but because of the experience I have there seeing how all of the spaces can be used and the many ways an event there can flow. Let's take a closer look at the work I've done and what I've seen.

Most of my weddings at the Seven Hills Inn have begun with outdoor ceremony service at their bucolic ceremony site at the end of this long path behind the mansion. This path is the wedding aisle which divides the guest seating at your ceremony. Guests sit facing the tall trees. Electricity is available on the left side behind some bushes, so that's where I typically station myself. Then I locate my speakers at the far left (visible in this photo) and across the aisle on the far right (blocked from view in this photo by the largest bush on the right). By flanking your guests with speakers placed nearly 100 feet apart, they're enveloped in even sound, and I don't compromise the wide shots your photographer will be after. The speaker closest to my station is turned toward the building so guests and the wedding party can hear the music as they make their way down, then it's turned back to center as the ceremony begins.

Seven Hills Inn Wedding, Lenox, Mass. Photo courtesy of Holly at Out of the Ordinary Photography -

This outdoor spot is a popular one during cocktail hour. There are 2 ways I provide cocktail music here. Depending on how the bar service is planned, I can put a completely freestanding rig out here, or tether an outdoor speaker or two to an indoor rig. That's what was best this time, since bar service was run from the bar within the Music Room. This was ideal since the same exact music played in both spaces. You can see my speaker stand is dressed with a white "scrim"; scrims are optional (and cost you no extra) and they work equally well for safety reasons and aesthetics--it was a nice touch here. 

Guests usually enjoy socializing in this middle connecting space during cocktail hour as well, so yet another speaker (behind the grand piano) provides the same cocktail playlist here. This configuration is ideal as guests hear the same music (and announcements) wherever they go during cocktail hour. Curious what I like to play during cocktail hour? Take a listen to my favorite sample playlist here on Spotify.

Seven Hills Inn Wedding, Lenox, Mass. Photo courtesy of Holly at Out of the Ordinary Photography -

The only space guests aren't welcome during the cocktail hour is the Ballroom where dinner is held. Guests can't accidentally wander in here while the space is being readied for their fine dining experience since the door is kept closed. Another sound system is used here for dinner music and my master of ceremonies service is ideal for orchestrating everything that happens in here including toasts, speeches, and any other formalities. Another temporary bar with limited, yet well-rounded selection is usually set up in here and if your guest list is small enough you can stay here for your dance party that follows, so the equipment I locate here can be used for that too.

This spot is a great candidate to display a custom monogram. Couples in the past have used uplighting in here too.

Welcome to the Music Room! This is where the dance party is almost always held. Even if your party were small enough to keep the dance party in the Ballroom where dinner was held, I always encourage shifting the action to this space. I can pipe the music (at a modest volume) and announcements into the middle connecting space to keep guests looking to take a break from the dance party aware of any important happenings, and guests can take a load off on the seating located here while they enjoy the building's fully stocked main bar located in here as well. Cocktail hour bar service is often provided from here, so guests fill this room during cocktail hour. This same main sound system is the one all those other speakers are tethered to. See all those messy wires making it happen? No? Good; that's the point. You can see this  space is well-served by uplighting (which is programmed to later take an active role in the entertainment lighting for the dance party).

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