Prom 2012 - Pittsfield High School "Arabian Nights"

Hosted at the Crowne Plaza Pittsfield/Berkshires

This prom committee put a ton of work into the props themselves, and guests were greeted by this genie's lamp at the grand staircase.

A stunning view as you enter the main hallway leading to this prom.

The view from the main hallway leading to and from the Grand Ballroom.

The decor was carefully selected, down to the last detail.

The decor was carefully selected, down to the last detail. This prom committee made smart use what the venue already has to offer.

Promgoers were greeted by this Arabian skyline. I provided the stars, moon, and colorful lighting for this 2 dimensional skyline.

Promgoers take it all in upon entering the Grand Ballroom.

Arabian music added to the dining experience here while we waited for permission to launch the dance party.

The color scheme was carefully coordinated with the ceiling draping installed by the Prom Committee. Alternating orange and purple uplighting was the dominant effect.

The dance floor was the place to be for the duration of this prom. The two adults pictured flanking me onstage were the school's top administrators keeping a birds-eye view on the action. This school had taken its turn cycling through other DJs and had not seen me in a few years and they ate it up big time! You can see the uplighting was changing colors during the dance party for a very club-like vibe.

The action and intensity on the dance floor was unparalleled, they crowded in and never left. This was certainly a night to remember--for them AND me!

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