Bloom Meadows, Hancock, Mass.

Bloom Meadows Wedding, Hancock, Mass. I installed string lighting at this wedding at Bloom Meadows in Hancock, Mass

Wedding ceremony sound done right at Bloom Meadows in Hancock, Mass. Here, speakers are placed 100 feet apart to envelop your guests in even sound, without compromising the wide shots your photographer will be after. The one closest to my table is turned towards the building so guests and the wedding party can hear the music as they make their way down, then it's turned back to center as the ceremony begins.

After the ceremony, cocktail hour is almost always held in this area at the back of the building. Another sound system is located under the overhang here offering cocktail music in the best way possible: evenly, over a wide area, and at a volume  everyone can talk over. The system is also equipped with microphones for announcements. These come in handy for helping to orchestrate large group photos and for any other desired announcements. Pointing out the location of the guest book almost always means more guests will find it and sign it. And reminding guests to check the seating chart before heading inside can speed that process up a lot and save guests from unnecessary trips back and forth. 

Trying to use one sound system for both the ceremony and cocktail hour is no solution. Set up in either spot, the sound is sent too far causing unwanted effects like slapbacks and delays that make announcements hard to understand and music sound terrible. I guess it could be done if a single sound system were moved from one spot to another, but that's not something I agree to. Who wants to wait for the music to start while watching someone sweat to get it up and running in a hurry? Instead, I walk over and have music on before your guests have even made it up the stairs.

The area to the left in this photo is where I'm usually asked to set up. By meticulously hiding my wires in the track that runs over the doorway, I'm able to get speakers on the other side of that main doorway without worrying abhor anyone tripping over any wires. This allows me to spread the sound out evenly in this long room. During the meal, the speakers are turned outwards towards the dining tables. Music and announcements made at a modest volume sound great, even at the far ends of the room. Then, when the dance party launches they are turned towards the dance floor where the music can be louder without disrupting guests socializing at your tables or ordering drinks at the bar. Subwoofers located on the floor under those speakers provide fullness on the dance floor for music you can feel which really helps the success of a dance party.

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