Crystal Columns

Bring some bling to your event! My crystal columns became available just in time for the 2015 season. And they have remained my most unique and impressive option of all. These are perfect to add an elegant, glamorous touch to your event space. The columns are an impressive 9-feet tall, 18 inches in diameter, and completely freestanding. Each features thousands of beautiful iridescent diamond-cut crystal beads and come lit in any color. Show them off at your wedding reception or other once-in-a-lifetime event!


These things love to party too! Once your dance party starts, they can be wirelessly controlled to follow the same lighting program that runs all of my entertainment lighting. See what that can look like in the video below.


These are the perfect companion to my brand new crystal chandeliers! Check 'em out.


$99* each


*When booked as a rental without DJ services a site fee of $149 is added.

This fee is added only once per contract when DJ services are not included.


Up to 4 are available


Special note: Their presentation has only gotten better over the years! You'll notice in the newest photos at the end of the gallery that I now include some special accessories to "pretty up" and soften their otherwise industrial-looking support structures.

See them in action here!

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