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Wedding Reception Questionnaire by DJ Chris Plankey


Wedding Ceremony Questionnaire by DJ Chris Plankey


Wedding Ceremony Music Selection Worksheet by DJ Chris Plankey


Sample song list Chris uses this tool to learn your personal taste in music. You use this list to gauge what works well at a wedding reception once the dancing has begun.

Planning Tools for your Wedding


As you can understand, there is a ton of information that must be exchanged in order for me to perform as your wedding emcee/DJ. If you were to sit down now and try to answer all of the questions I have, you would quickly feel overwhelmed and realize just how many things you have yet to think about, let alone be able to make thoughtful decisions.


After 20 years of taking an active part in the planning of hundreds of weddings, I have devised a series of worksheets and questionnaires designed to address nearly every area of your wedding day where you may want to involve my services. By using paper forms, you may begin the important decision-making process from the comfort of your own sofa, working at your own pace to methodically tackle, in order, each part of your wedding day that could benefit from the services I offer. These completed forms do not plan your wedding--they simply get the discussion going by organizing all of the information I'll need to begin to plan your reception.


Just as you have begun planning your wedding well in advance, I'd like to do the same. Once you have completed your forms and sent them back, I will begin to have an idea what your day will be like. How early you allow me to prepare is based on how early you send back your forms. This is how I learn your expectations of me, and how I can work to meet and exceed those expectations. At the absolute latest, the forms must be returned to me no later than 4 weeks before your wedding. 


In terms of music selection, the forms only ask you to specify a few of the most important song choices you'll make (first dance, etc.). The role you play in choosing your music may range from very little involvement to heavily involved. If you wish to specify a lot of music, you should do so long before the 4 week deadline I impose for the written forms. As a DJ wrangling the music becomes a sizable task. Acquiring new tracks is easy, but becoming familiar with them is extremely important and sometimes time-consuming. Plus, in the 4 week lead-up to your wedding, I'll have performed at another 3 weddings!


The planning process is anything but easy, and I spend a lot of time returning calls and emails answering questions and offering advice. I will do the same for you, and you'll feel at ease knowing your wedding day is in good hands. Undoubtedly, you're excited to get an idea of what the forms are like. The most involved form is the Wedding Reception Questionnaire and is due back no later than 4 weeks before your wedding day. I also offer a Ceremony Music Worksheet, and my Ceremony Rehearsal Worksheet which you will find helpful when it comes time to think about your ceremony.

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