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Create a timeless display with my gorgeous hourglass shaped slant top glass vases! Their unique design is crafted from quality materials to offer a flawless texture and shine. No matter how many you rent, my glass décor always offers consistent quality that ensures amazing results. This particular piece is especially appealing because of its versatile yet totally original shape.


My 28” tall glass vase starts with a thick, heavy bottom measuring 6.3 inches across to provide good balance and support that keeps your arrangements safely upright and proudly displayed. The sides curve inward before widening again at the top to form the neck, forming that delightful hourglass profile, minimizing the visual obstruction for guests at each table. The neck widens at the top to a 5.5” slanted opening that’s as beautiful as it is unique. The effect is elegant and will give your centerpieces or accent décor a more stunning appearance.


You can do anything with these amazing clear glass vases! Fill with a bouquet of professionally assembled floral arrangements. Use colorful ostrich feathers or natural pheasant and peacock feathers for a luxurious look. You can even incorporate brilliant color with readily available water gel beads. Simply soak your beads and pour into the hourglass vase. They will perfectly fill the interior to form a shapely column of shimmering beauty!

$5 each - 3 day rental (you pick up & drop off in Pittsfield)


$8 each - with delivery and removal up to 7 days apart


34 identical vases are available

Once booked, you can request a vase anytime to toy with DIY options or drop one off to your florist to allow them to get familiar with them. My most popular arrangement includes delivery in the days before your event and removal from the venue after your event has ended.

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