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Will you have a wedding planner?


Looking for a Pittsfield DJ for your wedding in Berkshire County or western Massachusetts? Choose one who specializes in wedding entertainment. Like wedding planners or coordinators, their services vary as widely as the needs they fill. Sometimes planners are hired simply to advise. Others are put completely in charge of everything from booking the florist to the disc jockey.  No matter their role or level of involvement, their goal is the same. Their job is to keep the bride and groom from going insane during the planning process as well as on the big day. But one thing is for sure, with every good service comes a price. Weddings are expensive, and a wedding planner is not in everyone's budget. Even if you have a professional wedding planner who will be assisting you on your big day, they will not be standing in front of all of your guests with a microphone in their hand.


Who will you rely on?


Every wedding reception needs a person that makes sure things keep moving forward. This person knows the wishes of the bride and groom and, ideally, was included during the planning process. This person becomes the host of your reception, introduces it's key elements, and makes sure things go smoothly. Your event manager at your venue usually knows what's going on, but they will not be standing in front of everyone with a microphone in their hand. The person who will be doing this is your master of ceremonies, and that person is usually the disc jockey.


You can rely on Chris


Chris has over 20 years of professional experience as a disc jockey. We're not talking about playing in bars and clubs.  He has performed at hundreds of weddings, and an equal number of other formal affairs requiring the assistance of a master of ceremonies. Chris takes the stress out of your day, is personable, and easy to work with. When asked, 81% of guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding reception was the entertainment.* The DJ you hire for your wedding is in charge of a lot more than just music. Chris is your liaison, he represents you. His performance on your big day represents your style, your tastes, and what you want your wedding to be like.


What a skilled Emcee does


A DJs ability as an emcee is what separates DJs from Wedding DJs.  Think of a fancy award show on television; the host is the emcee. A bad one is monotone (or overly dramatic), sheepish (or brazen and crass), mumbly (or boisterous), or boring (or thinks they're a comedian). They may stumble through introductions by botching the names (or slowly and unnaturally pronounce every last syllable as though they are a robot), or appear unorganized (or read from a page as though it's a script, sweating all the while). 


A good host or emcee does their job of keeping everyone's attention on what's happening now and what's coming up next. They are cordial. They control the mood of the crowd and tone of the event. They create excitement and invoke emotion. They do all of this, and they make it look easy. At a wedding reception, an excellent emcee is crucial. Chris has over twenty years of experience at this, and only experience can ready an individual for the skill set required to be an effective and proficient emcee.


*Source:  Bride & Groom magazine

"Chris was an amazing DJ and MC. He is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and is extremely organized and competent. He decreased our stress level about organizing this event and helped us materialize all the things we wanted. He was beyond helpful in every way. I wish I could hire him for my life! Couldn't have asked for a better DJ."

Lauren Schlanger and Sarah Whiting
married June 17, 2017 at Race Brook Lodge

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