Miss Hall's School 2018 "A Starry Night" Prom

Provided prom DJ, event lighting and decor services for Miss Hall's 2018 Prom held on their Pittsfield campus. The theme was "A Starry Night." Read on to see how I helped them with their theme.



When I showed up for my first prom committee meeting at Miss Hall's School, the only thing they wanted (besides a wild dance party of course) was to hear any ideas I had for helping them create a starry sky inside their event space. As you can see, I had one. This was basically created using uplighting and a combination of custom monograms.

This fabric backdrop doesn't look very big, but it's actually 8 feet tall by 26 feet wide. Behind it is a nearly equally sized bank of completely clear, glass windows and doors leading to a large classroom area. The students mentioned they were putting a lot of thought and effort into coming up with a way to conceal it. When I mentioned I could build this solid fabric wall for them, they were thrilled! I prettied it up with some sparkly lights and finished it off with a layer of soft sheers. They were very happy with it and it became a hot spot for selfies and group photos alike.

That's about it for special lighting and decor at this prom. We had plans for some outdoor lighting that were foiled when we had a steady rain that day. I simply squashed that portion of our contract (and allowed for a reduced final cost) since I never went through the trouble of setting any of that up. The starry sky was the real showstopper here, as you'll see in the video below.

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