Prom 2018 - Taconic High School "The Roaring Twenties / Roaring 20's / Great Gatsby"

The opulence of the Grand Ballroom at the Crowne Plaza in Pittsfield, and the hallway leading to it, lends itself well to this prom theme. Here, guests are teased with a glimpse of what's to come. The classic art deco design of this custom monogram is exactly what you'd expect, and prominently featured as guests enter this swanky affair.

Warm, golden uplighting accented not just the Grand Ballroom but the hallways, grand staircase, and event spaces used across the hall as well. Here you can see some elegant texture lighting featured between the main doors of the space and a nice close up of the centerpieces that are a trademark of this era. The client rented my vases and did an excellent job of decorating them. They also made the wise decision to have me pinspot each one, which worked wonderfully to accent the feathers billowing from the top.

This event featured not just one, but two, impressive custom monograms. The text was carefully featured near the top of the design, and the projection method used shot the images over everyone's heads, making sure they remained visible even once the dance floor filled. This was very important since the majority of the event was devoted to the dance party and, with hundreds of guests, the dance floor was packed from start to finish, even in this large space.

With all of the lighting decisions to make, we paid careful attention to light the food stations. Lighting is often used to accent and draw attention to key areas of interest at an event, and when you think of the total cost for your event, the food and bar are often at the top. Don't let them be lost in the dark. My labor and cost to light those areas is reduced thanks to my large fleet of high-powered, wireless, battery-powered uplights which work well for uses like this too thanks to some creative mounting methods.

I added sparkle and interest to the event space by wrapping the structural columns with string lighting. Clients often plan to do work like this themselves as a cost saving measure--after all, it seems easy enough--until they realize there are no electrical outlets on most of these columns. Once you have hundreds of people at an event, extension cords on the floor are not the answer. In this case, all of my wiring is hidden overhead.

My lighting design doesn't end with your event theme, after all I'm not just a lightscaper, but an award-winning DJ. Check out the video below to see how it all came together, and be a guest at this luxurious party, much like the ones that defined and led to the 1920's being called "The Roaring Twenties!"

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