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Some disc jockey services ask you for all kinds of information before they can offer you a price. Location, timing, and other factors certainly affect the price. But sometimes before they will give you a price, their website instructs you to fill out and submit an online form, including information about which photographer, videographer, and other vendors you are booking. Why  do you think that is? How is that going to help them give you a price for their services? Because as working wedding professionals, we are familiar with other wedding vendors. We are also somewhat familiar with what they charge for their services. If you've hired a photographer whose rates start at $4,500, it says something about what you are willing to pay for your other wedding vendors.

Positive word-of-mouth marketing


I am where I am today because of the power of word-of-mouth marketing. And it's necessary in this industry. You won't hire your DJ based only on what their website says about them, or the music they promise to play. A wedding DJ does so much more than just play the music. You are probably reading this because someone you know personally, or another professional, told you about me. There is power in that. When Harry tells Sally he "knows a DJ named Chris," his description of my work is probably followed by the price he paid. Now Sally is familiar with my rates. When she calls me, she expects, and deserves, a similar rate--not one that fluctuates based on what I think she can afford. Now granted, if I did your sister's wedding 8 years ago, of course my rates have gone up. The point is that all of the calls coming in today are from people like you who took the time to do their research and are familiar with my rate structure posted right here on my site in black in white.

A note on my "Packaged" Rates


While they are listed as "wedding packages," I do not think of your wedding day needs as being the same as the needs of other couples. The rates are displayed this way to show you what is included in the prices, and should reinforce that you are not being charged by the hour, like some other DJ services. Other DJ services offer rates in the $600 range but include only 4 hours of service time; after cocktails and dinner music, you're left with hardly any time to dance. After that, they charge as much as $150.00 for each additional hour you need. Suddenly, to get three hours of dancing, you're paying $900.00 for services that looked like a $600 package. My rates include cocktail and dinner music, and then dancing, for a combined total of up to five hours. You shouldn't have to worry about keeping an eye on the clock. And if you need more time than that, the rate is reasonable--not a penalty.


At the bottom of the rates page you will notice package add-ons. Your specific plan for your wedding, and the timing of your day may warrant the inclusion of some of the add-ons. These are also options used to personalize your package. You are only limited by your budget, and your imagination.

Hopefully, my rates are within your budget. Unlike some other DJ services who deal in volume (most in fact) I can only be in one place at a time. On top of that, I am in high demand. Many of the area's busiest wedding venues refer my services (peek at my FAQ section to see which ones). Here's more about how I became a DJ. Music is in my blood. I love what I do, and I have a good time doing it. You'll see this during your free, initial 1-hour consultation, feel it during each and every one of our innumeral email exchanges and phone conversations, and bear witness to it first-hand, along with a roomful of your nearest and dearest, during my performance at your once-in-a-lifetime, milestone event. Read what my past clients have to say.

Email me your request to make a payment using your credit or debit card and an invoice will be emailed to you promptly which you may pay securely online.

MusiChris DJ Service
DJ/MC Chris Plankey

Pittsfield, MA

Call: 413.442.9854


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