What happens if we want music not on your list?

The list Chris provides is just a guide and includes about 100 songs. Of course you'd like to hear music not on his list, so Chris encourages you to assemble your own list too. Chris comes equipped with over 40,000 high-quality music files loaded into multiple performance laptops. This means his performance goes off without a hitch even without an internet connection. With a collection that large, the odds are good that any additions you make are already a part of Chris' collection. And if they're not, this is Chris' opportunity to show up prepared, by taking the time to locate and purchase the songs you want that he doesn't have. But his preparation goes way beyond just getting those songs.


In order for a DJ to perform adequately, let alone successfully, they must be familiar with the music they play (or are being asked to play). This is important for reasons that are simple to explain: for example, a carpenter unfamiliar with a new tool is not going to do a very good job knowing how or when to use it. But there are reasons that may be less obvious to you. Successful DJs are not only familiar with every song they play, but must pay special attention to the order songs get played. A crowd's demographics, age, and energy level all dictate when and if a song gets played. In short, a good DJ already has the music you want, and knows how to use it. If planning your event involves your DJ gathering new music, be sure he or she is given plenty of time to listen to and become familiar with the new tracks. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, if your DJ needs to gather a ton of music to work your event, as is sometimes the case, perhaps you should consider another D.J.

Remember, a good party is when everyone has a good time.

The final plan should reflect a wide variety, to cover everyone and all age groups, thus the variety. So in the end, the journey your party's soundtrack takes is guided by the map you'll draw together. You get to enjoy the trip, while you trust Chris to drive. Ready to begin considering the music for your event?  Here is one way to get you started.

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