Pictured here is the typical look of my standard sound and lighting rig. It doesn't look like there's much lighting gear here, but what is here is powerful, flexible, and able to produce results like what you see in the video below.

Will my older guests complain?

All of the lighting is DMX capable and fully intelligent. Simply put, from the same spot where I stand and play the music, I have full control of all the lights I brought into the room. I can control which ones are on, when they're on, and what they do. We're talking everything from how bright they are, what color they are, whether they flash, whether they move ...everything. Absolutely everything about the light show is meticulously programmed ahead of time. All of the lights work together to create a unified look called a "scene." In other words, no fixture seems out of place. The results are spectacular! And with over 200 one-of-a-kind scenes, there is one to compliment every mood and moment. This results in a controlled and cohesive look with changes that are smooth and timed with the music. Slow, dreamy effects to add to the romance, and faster, more "clubby" sequences that add to the energy and "hype" the party... all when the moment is right for it.


Care is taken to be sure the lights are not positioned in the eyes of your guests by postioning them at your ceiling instead. Your dancefloor and guests are bathed in subdued hues reflected down from the ceiling. In this way the lighting is effective at enhancing the ambience without becoming a nuisance or distraction.


It's not a circus act of small multi-colored spots of light twirling in every direction like you probably have seen other DJs use. Those effects are usually produced by a single fixture offered by competing services as an add-on. They charge you $100 or more for "lighting." The reality is for not too much more money you can buy a fixture like theirs and use it whenever you want. 20 years agao, I started out with lights like that. Now I'm leaps and bounds ahead, with the expertise that only experience can cultivate. 

As you can see, the included lighting is versatile and effective. In fact, most DJs don't offer for any amount of money the lighting I include for free. Why give it away? Because I LOVE it! And you and your guests will too. This is just one more way that no other DJ service in Berkshire County even comes close to packing more value into every hard-earned dollar you'll spend on quality, memorable musical entertainment.

The lighting that's already included in your package is all it takes to impress your guests with a set up they've likely never seen and are sure to remember. This included lighting comes on after all formal dances are over and the dance party for everyone else begins. But if you're looking for a spectacularly memorable and unique experience for your guests, one that drops jaws and inspires awe from the moment they arrive at your party, there are additional lighting services I offer. These are meant to heighten the ambiance in your space the entire time your guests are in it, including during cocktail hour and while you dine. For the best use of your dollars and a tiny fraction of your overall budget, consider my Special Event Lighting options.

Here is a space before and after my event lighting transforms it for a springtime brunch. Below is the same space completely transformed for other events.

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